David & Zdzislawa Monteith-HodgeVital Wellness1 Mackinnon Crescent, Kirkliston
Edinburgh, EH29 9GB

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...We're David & Zdzislawa Monteith-Hodge, Herbalife distributors based in Kirkliston nr Edinburgh, UK.

Having been on every diet imaginable, we despaired of ever losing weight and being healthy.

Thanks to Herbalife's amazing products, we have lost 14 stones between us, are still losing and have never felt healthier or had more energy. It feels as though years have been knocked off our ages.

With a simple routine, we are fully nourished, have great skin and no longer need to visit the "large sizes" section in the clothes shops.

Sign up, give us a call, get in touch and hear more of our amazing story of a journey back to wellness.